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Here you can find a list of common questions we usually receive. Should you need further information, please contact us at: info@temasnc.com


Technical question:

aspherical mirror


Our items are not original products but, as spare parts, perfectly replace them; actually they are fully compliant with the technical specifications of automotive companies. Our processed materials are compliant with EG85/205 and the 2000/53/CE European laws.

All details about you and yours orders will be considered as strictly confidential.
TEMA s.n.c guarantees the maximum confidentiality for his Customers personal data and the respect of the obligations rising from the Italian law n. 196/2003 and the its following modifications. As a consequence of that, TEMA s.n.c cannot disclose to third parts neither the content of his business relationships nor any information contained in his databases.

What does "aspherical mirror" mean?

The rear-view mirrors are called aspherical when they have a wide-angle that, being it wider than in common mirrors, is able to reflect the "dead angle".

Is it possible to replace an heated rear-view mirror with a spare part not equipped with the heating element?
Even if the cost increases, it is recommended to replace an heated rear-view mirror with a spare part equipped with the heating element. In this way, you can avoid any damage to the electric equipment of the car itself.

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